About Me

Hi, my name is Gary, and I want to help everyone learn how to create model railways.

In the real world, I run a telecoms company, haveing spent many years working in IT related management positions

In the model railway world, I currently model the London, Brighton & South COast Railway, and the South Eastern & Chatham Railway, in the early years of the 20th Century, along with a fictional narrow gauge railway in the same era.

Previously I have modelled British Railway's in the 1950's, and the Southern Railway in the 1930's. I also for some time had a layout for a fictional railway known as the Great Southern Railway, this was set in the late 1960's. However all of these were just distractions from modelling pre-grouping, which is where my heart has always been.

I have spend nearly 10 years in the Model Railway hobby, and have picked up quite a few skills over that time, allowing me to be able to model anything I want, something I didn't think I would be able to do when I first started out.

I want to help others reaslise that actually these things are not as hard as you would think, and so that is where the idea for my YouTube series Let's Build! came from. A few episodes of this were filmed before it was decided to take the series into a livestream format, allowing anyone to come along and ask questions as I work on things.