A Wild Blog Appeared!

Posted Sun 11 Oct 2020

Sometimes I feel like writing things, and yet I very rarely do, it seems to me the best way to solve that is to make a blog, so I did!!

I have had a couple of blogs in the past, and I'll be honest they didn't last long, however I am gonna try and keep this one going! It has the distinct advantage over the old ones of being about trains! Although I will probably post stuff that isn't about trains as well.

I have coded this myself rather than using an off the shelf product like Wordpress, firstly because I wanted it to fit into the existing website properly, and secondly because I can. As I am typing this I haven't added the ability to leave comments yet, but that will come, so have a look below and see if I have done it yet, and if I have, then make sure to say hello!!

Anyway, I'm off to write some more code so that this post can actually be seen! See you soon!

- Gary

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