Scratch Building a generic mid-Victorian goods loco

Posted Wed 14 Oct 2020

Welcome to the new Oak Hill blog! and if you ask me, a new blog deserves a new project!

People that follow the YouTube channel, and are in the Discord server, may have noticed that I have been really enjoying some much earlier than usual railways recently. And upon seeing this image recently, I decided I wanted something similar, and thought I would see what I can do with what I have.

Slaughter Goods - Horley 1896

So I started looking around for things I have that could make something that resembles these locos, which are LBSC Craven Standard Goods, built by Slaughter, Grunning and Co. in the 1860s.

For this I am going to need an 0-6-0 chassis (that will need longer axles adding for the outside frames), and a tender that can convincingly be put behind a loco of this period, I unfortunatley don't have any tenders with above footplate springs I can use, I have had a hunt around at what I can use and have gone with the following

Chassis and Tender for the generic goods

The chassis is from a Hornby Dublo Ra, and will need replacing at some point, as I intend on keeping that in service, but I think we have something good for a start, The motor should be OK to hide in the smokebox with the chassis running backwards to how it was intended.

The tender is from a GBL Caledonian 123, I have already drilled out the axleboxes, fitted brass bearings, and given it wheels.

That will do for now, next time we will look at building up the tender as this will be the easiest job of the build!

Until then

- Gary

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