Tender for the Mid-Victorian Loco

Posted Wed 21 Oct 2020

It's time to start some actual modelling for the Generic Mid-Victorian goods loco!!

We are starting with the tender, it's a nice simple conversion, because for the most part we will be using the Caley tender as is, however there will be a degree of alterations, with the coal space removed, and a hole cut in the front to allow the fireman access to it, the hole in the front was cut by chain drilling around the edge, and then filing to shape.

Cutting up the Tender

With that done I needed to make a new interior for the tender, I want this to be quite low so that I can model the loco with only having a small amount of coal left in the tender. The parts were cut from 20 thou plasticard, the last of the sheet that was used in the first ever Let's Build! LIVE

Cutting the new tender interior

and then these parts needed sticking together and putting in the tender, and then coating with lots of filler to make it nice, while doing this I added filler to the axleboxes to fill the holes from when I drilled them out to accept bearings

Constructing the tender

and once that had set, (and more filler added to the axleboxes, it took 3 goes in the end!) it was time to prepare the tender for painting, this included removing the linging and lettering so that it doesn't show through the finished model, and getting the paints out, we are going with an LBSC Craven livery for this one, so appropriate paints from Pheonix Precision were prepared.

Preparing to paint

And so with that, it was time to open the paints, splash them about, and then get the transfers from Fox Transfers on the sides!!

Finished Tender

And so with that the first part of the project is complete, let me know what you think in the comments below!

- Gary

Railway Mania

Oh yes, I like this.


Thanks Dude!! I'm really happy with how it has turned out!!


The model is looking very nice Gary, better than the grammer "THe parts wer cut". Never mind you can edit it.


Thanks Paderborn, it's very unlike me to mess up typing LOL

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