A Recording Studio!

Posted Fri 22 Jan 2021

Well it's been a while since I posted here, mainlly because of a lack of modelling mojo, but it hasn't stopped me doing my weekly livestreams over on YouTube, and I am still loving it! So much so that I am finally getting on with my proper recording studio! So it's time fore some behind the scens fun!

Let's start with a quick look at the current workbench and recording setup, which is in my living room, and blocks up about a quarter of the window!

The Current Workbench Setup

This has never been the ideal location for the workbench, and I have been planning on moving it ever since I started doing YouTube livestreams, luckily there is a small room in my house suitable for just this, however it has spent many years being used for storage, luckily a recent clearout and reshuffle has made this room avaliable!

The New Studio

This lead to some planning as to what I wanted, and I decided that I wanted to keep the look of the studio consistent with the current setup, meaning I would need to move my fake walls into the new studio, along with some battens on the walls this would also give me somewhere to run cables and keep them out of the way. So with this in mind a plan was produced.

The New Studio Plan

The camera stand and laptop table are both collapsable, and will only be there for filming and livestreaming. There will also be ventalation running outside to allow for safe airbrushing and 3D printing. The positioning of these also means I can start using the airbrush to paint things on the livestream rather than having to brush paint everything!

This all got me rather excited, and so after a bit of prep work, some battens started to appear on the walls!

Building Work Begins

and after another weekend of work it was possible to see how the recording studio is going to look when it's done!

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I am now looking forward to another weekend in the studio getting even more done! The project is certainly coming together fast, and I don't think it will be long before we get to hold our first livestream from the new purpose built Oak Hill Works!

What do you think of the new studio? Let's me know in the comments!

- Gary


Coming along nicely.....well done.




Thanks Bob,

Really excited to be getting on with it, should be finished this week!


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