The End of an Era, an Ode to a Workbench

Posted Thu 18 Feb 2021

The time has come, with the progress being made on he new studio, the recording studio in the living room has broadcast it's final livestream. It has been there for 100 weeks, and saw 94 livestreams with the first one, Episode 0 being broadcast way back in March 2019, when we started building a brake van, and much more importantly started building the Oak Hill community, oh and being rather nervous, I had no idea what to say when I needed a drink, and a catchphrase was born! Here is a shot of how the workbench looked way back then, who would have thought from this such great things would grow.

The First Livestream

it underwent a lot of changes and improvements over the almost 2 years it was here, most recently with the use of the new lighting purchased for the recording studio which would be added just before the final livestream from this bench, I took this next photo during the prestream chat for that last livestream.

The Final Livestream

I have had a great time sat at this workbench for 100 weeks, and it has only been possible because of the support from my viewers, who are as much a part of the workbenches story as I am, however this week has seen it stripped down, and has now been taken down.

The Bare Workbench

When I started this journey I had big plans for what I wanted to do if it was successful, however I was always worried that there would be no audience for the content I wanted to produce, I am very happy you have all proved me wrong, and unbelivably grateful that you have stuck with me throughout! After everything we have done, dismantling the setup made me feel quite emotional, however we are finally moving into a much nicer purpose built setup, and I cannot wait to host the first livestream from there this weekend!

I'll leave you with a sneak peak of the new setup as it progresses, but keep an eye out for a new blog post, and a video showing off he new setup!

The New Workbench

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and don't forget, hydration is important!

- Gary

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