Where possible I will provide downloads to anything I think may be of use, or interest, to other modellers, or viewers of my YouTube channel. This includes any track plans, or rolling stock drawings that I make myself.

Track Plans

Oak Hill - 00 gauge - 11ft 5in x 2ft - Download

Brighthelmstone - 00 gauge - 3ft x 11.5in - Download

South Park Quarry - 00 gauge - 3ft 8in x 10.8in - Download

Hailsham - 00 gauge - 13ft x 2ft 6in - Download

Rolling Stock Drawings

LB&SCR Stroudley Brake Van - 4mm - Download

LB&SCR Carriage ends for Triang clerestories - 4mm - Download

LB&SCR A1 Terrier parts for upgrading old tooling Terriers in Improved Engine Green - 4mm - Download

Scenic Items

10ft Bell Tent - 4mm - Download