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Hailsham is my under construction exhibition layout, based on the former station at Hailsham, East Sussex. It is set in 1912, and will be operated as realistically as possible, using the original LB&SCR timetable.


The layout is 13' long, and will have 5' fiddle yards at each end, making the total length of the layout 23', it is 2'6" at it's widest point, slimming down to 18" at the end of the layout, allowing it to meet the RMWeb 00 gauge modular standards, and therefore be connected to other layouts to creat a "mega-layout"

Track Laying

The baseboards for the layout were professionally made for me, and initially once they were built the layout saw rapid progress with getting the track down, this was due to it being based in my old office were it could be kept up all the time, however it can no longer live up all the time, so work is based arounfd when the layout can be put up in the house.

Buildings 1

however with the track laid and wired, focus has begun to move onto the scenics, this has included making mock up buildings to check drawing sizes, and commisioning these to be laser cut from Linny's Laser Cutting. This is still an ongoing process, but will insure I can achive the best possible finish when working on the buildings on the layout.

Buildings 2

This is an ongoing layout, and I will update this page as progess happens.