I have a number of layouts that I have built over the years. Most of these have had their builds covered on RMWeb, so I will link to the appropriate thread from here, and host a showcase of how the layouts look now.

Oak Hill
See Oak Hill on RMWeb

Oak Hill is my primary home layout. Set in Kent, in 1905 , the layout sees services from both the LB&SCR and SE&CR. Read More...

See Brighthelmstone on RMWeb

Brighthelmstone is my photoplank layout, it is rather small and not electrified. Based on Brighton Locomotive Works in the 1870's it gives me a nice backdrop for taking pictures of any stock I have. Read More...

South Park Quarry
See South Park Quarry on RMWeb

South Park Quarry is a small "Inglenook" style layout. The quarry itself is on the Oak Hill branch, and is served by the same locos as Oak Hill. Read More...

See Hailsham on RMWeb

Hailsham is my under construction exhibition layout. THe layout is based on Hailsham in East Sussex, following the trackplan of the real world station, with some compression to make the layout a more reasonable size, set in 1912 the layout is erved by the LB&SCR. Read More...

See the NC&GLR on RMWeb

The Nutley, Crowborough, and Groombridge Light Railway, was a proposal made in the late 19th century for a line to serve logging camps in the Ashdown Forest, The line was never built in real life for various reasons, however I have re-imagined it in narrow gauge forming my first 009 scale layout. Read More...