On this page I am going to compile a list of useful websites, and links to any manufacturers we use in the Let's Build series, if you have any suggestions for links I should add then drop me a line


Useful Sites


RMWeb Thumbnail

RMWeb is a popular online railway modelling forum, a lot of very tallented modellers can be found here sharing ideas


BRDatabase Thumbnail

A database of all British locomotives from 1923 - 1997


Wikipedia Thumbnail

A great resource for finding information about almost anything, including most railway companies


MERG Thumbnail

MERG (Model Electronic Railway Group) is an international, UK based group promoting interest in the application of electronics & computers to all aspects of railway modelling.


HMRS Thumbnail

The Historical Model Railway Society have vast amounts of information useful to Railway Modellers, including a large database of drawings and photos useful to all modellers


Paperbrick Thumbnail

Paperbirck is a site that allows you to generate and print brick textures to your own requierments, useful for scratch building buildings of any type

Brian Lambert

Brian Lambert Thumbnail

Brian Lamberts website covers many aspects of model railway building, a must see resource for anyone looking to enter the hobby