The Nutley, Crowborough, and Groombridge Light Railway

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Act of Parliment title

The Nutley, Crowborough, and Groombridge Light Railway, was a proposal made in the late 19th century for a line to serve logging camps in the Ashdown Forest, The line was never built in real life for various reasons, however I have re-imagined it in narrow gauge forming my first 009 scale layout.

NC&GLR 'Baronet' built from an ERTL Thomas and Friends Duke

My proposal for the layout is that after the act of parliment was defeted the line was reimagined to avoid the estates of the objecting land owners, and in doing so was converted into a 2'3" narrow gague line, with transfer sidings with the LB&SCR to be built at Groombridge Junction.

NC&GLR 'Nutley' built from a Bachmann Thomas and Friends Skarloey

Stock for the layout has been collected from various sources, some being RTR, some 3D printed kits, some modifieed Bachmann Thomas and Friends narrow gauge items, and even an old die cast ERTL Thomas and Friends locomotive have been used. Leading to a variety of stock, however more kits will be added in the future.

3D printed kit for a vertical boiler locomotive

The layout has not yet started constuction, and a track plan has not been finalised, however this total size of the layout will be 54" by 38" to fit in a space under my stairs. The layout will be set in 1915 with the line being used to provide timer for trench building on the western front.

Bachmann WD Baldwin tank

For the time being my 009 stock has a small test loop of track that it can run on.

Nutley on the test track

This page will be updated as the layout progresses.