South Park Quarry

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Oak Hill Map

South Park Quarry is a new layout, which will be built on my livestreams that take place on a Sunday night (9pm UK time) over on my YouTube channel.

The layout will be an inglennok, and the aim is for it to be exhibitiable once it is finished, with the ability for members of the public to take part in shunting.

South Park Quarry overview

Along with the inglenook the layout will have a small shed for a privately owned loco, which will handle all the shunting, while trains of wagons arrive, and depart behind an LB&SCR loco.

The layout will be built on boards by Scale Model Scenery that are designed to fit inside a Really Useful Box 77L box

Really Useful Box

I will keep this page updated as the layout progresses, the next step will be to buy all the track needed.